"The Center of the Living Light"                  Shamanic  &  Spiritual  Healing & Counseling

Mary Phyllis Horn

Master of Education degree,

Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Therapist,

Ordained Interfaith Metaphysical Minister

and Reconnection® Practitioner

In private practice in Pittsboro, NC, since 1995.
Shamanic healing and soul retrieval since 1994,
Spiritual counseling and past-life regression since 1985.

Private Sessions by appointment only. 

In person in Pittsboro, NC, by phone or by Skype.



Soul Retrieval & Soul-Transformation©
Shamanic Journeying & Counseling
Shamanic Readings
Karmic Matrix Clearing©

Shamanic Healing

Workshops, Books, Articles


Glossary of Shamanic Terminology

Shamanic +/or Spiritual
Aura Cleansing & Depossession
Ancestral Lines Clearing©

Spiritual Hypnotherapy
Past-Life Regressions (QHHT & shamanic journey facilitations)

Thought Field Therapytm
Shamanic Feng Shui

My work is primarily shamanic in 

orientation and practice.

This means that I work with my spirit guides and archangels

during all facets of my work with you.

All sessions are confidential.



• B.A. in Music, Gettysburg College, PA
• M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University
• 31 years teaching high school award-winning choral


• Connie Newton’s Integrated Awareness program
• Ordained Interfaith Metaphysical Minister, 1987
Sancta Sophia Seminary, Tahlequah, OK.
Shamanism Trainings
• Core Shamanism. Foundation for Shamanic
Studies: Michael Harner, Carol Proudfoot Edgar,

Sandra Ingerman, Dana Robinson
• Soul Retrieval: Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner
• Celtic Shamanism: Tom Cowan
• Munay Ki Rites initiations: Vickie Penninger
• 42 M.A. Credits: Transpersonal Counseling
Psychology, The Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO
• Certified Master Hypnotherapist, 1994:

The Alchemy Institute of Colorado
• Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist, 2003:

Dolores Cannon. (Now called QHHT : 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.)
• Certified Thought Field Therapist tm, 1997
Spiritual Energy Work
• Reconnection®: Dr. Eric Pearl, 2002
• Depossession styles:
Hypnotherapy: Irene Hickman,
Shamanic: Betsy Bergstrom,
Aura Cleansing: Julia Hanline & Diana Henderson.
• Certified Karmic Matrix Clearing: Jeannie Montague
• Feng Shui study: Rev. Sue Ruzicka and others

As extensive as is my list of studies with other humans, channeling with  my inner spirit teachers has been even more so.  It is ongoing, highly valuable and often surprising. The following are but the high-lights of all of that.


Channelings from my

spirit teachers:
• Soul Integration

Transformation© 1996-2010
• Ancestral Lines Clearing© 1996-2012
• Ancestral Karmic Lines

Clearing© 1998-2000

Modalities transformed

or modified by my spirit teachers to fully fit a

shamanic journeying framework:
• Soul Retrieval

• Shamanic Healing
• Shamanic Feng Shui

• Past-Life Regression
• Karmic Matrix Clearing©

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