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My current passion for painting animal art portraits of wild and tame animals is born of both love for these animals and their right to be here on the planet.  That is why I'm focusing solely on them for my artistic endeavors at this time.


I call the work “paintings”, even though the use of chalk pastels and colored pencils is technically called drawings.  That’s because the end results often look more like paintings than drawings.  It’s also because the Derwent Coloursoft pencils so easily mix on the paper itself, resembling the unconventional mixing of acrylic paints on canvas that I sometimes used to do, rather than always mixing them on the palette ahead of time.  The use of them through swift short strokes of the pencil often feels like I'm stroking the animal's fur.  Somehow, this process helps to sense the depth and contour within the fur and to convey the animal's innate intelligence within its eyes.

Art Awards

Click on each picture below, for artistic details and information about its award.  They won awards and thus are not for sale.  Giclee prints of the squirrel are for sale.  Giclee is a form of reproduction that uses a mixture of ink and paint pigment on paper; it looks like the original and lasts decades longer than photographs do.   Both pieces are currently on display at the Chatham County Senior Center at this time.

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