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Have You Noticed A "Filter" Change In Life, Recently? 
Specifically, between April 4th and 15th?  If so, please let me know right away.
Here's why I'm asking.  "Filters" are an invisible energy form of camouflage that deter others or ourselves from seeing the truth.
You may know that I do a lot of Ancestral Lines Clearing © (ALC).  It may occur deliberately at the request of a client, or because Archangel Michael says it's crucial for the person's healing.  If you have read my channeled book on the subject, you know that the last component of the ALC  is for Spirit to put the healing you received also "on the doorstep" of every living member of your family lines.  You may or may not know the persons, especially if the healing goes back hundreds or thousands of generations.  "On the doorstep" means that Spirit offers them the healing, but allows them their Free Will by choosing or refusing the healing.
Well, an out-of-state client within the above time-frame was given an ALC that extended from off-planet.  Not only that, many other beings on said planet were involved in the issue addressed and thus infiltrated numerous different family lines existing on Earth now.  So when the time came to put the healing "on the doorstep," I saw the angels and archangels circling our planet in many different directions many many many different times.  At the end of the offering, Archangel Michael said that BILLIONS of people were offered the healing!  BILLIONS!  The most I've seen before were a million and that was comparatively rare.  What's more, every continent was affected.
Sometimes it takes a while for a person to accept a healing offered by ALC. Perhaps their spirit guides need time to get certain experiences to occur before their human can healthfully accept what was offered??  And when the healing does occur, it stops any future reoccurrence.  That’s because the contamination from the ancestral lines has now ceased. 


I've encountered some people who experienced the healing prior to my client working with me!   The reason why that can happen is that all of our spirit guides/angels live in the dimensions where all time events, forward and backward, are easily accessed.  When a healing is offered at one point in time, spirit guides/angels will look for the time in which their human is more receptive to healing.  That could be months before OR after the event.
What's A Filter, In This Case? 

Filters are an invisible energy form of camouflage that deter others or ourselves from seeing the truth.
The off-world beings, spoken about in the second paragraph of this article, put filters on individuals within families to make them seem good when in reality they were acting in not nice ways, ethically or morally.  And some filters were put on individuals within families to make them seem bad when in reality they were doing good things and truly trying to grow spiritually.  Some filters were put on people to make them think bad about themselves when they were actually behaving spiritually well.  Some filters were put on people to make them dismiss any non-helpful actions, i.e., to not correct missteps or to not ask for forgiveness.
Those are just some of the ways that filters work.
My client noticed very dramatic changes in people around her, immediately. Like night suddenly turning to day.  And the “day” still continues.  When that healing was offered to the planet's populations, each of us may or may not see it immediately. And some may not see it at all because their karma hasn't yet allowed it to be offered to them.
Seriously - Let me know if you have been affected by this or if you have noticed someone in the public "eye" who seems to have been affected.  



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