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On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" & hundreds of other words meaning the same Great Being, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.


2017 is a “1” year, meaning that it is an excellent year to start new
things in your life. It could be a new career or aspect of same, a new
ability or a talent you want to strengthen, to start over anew, or anything
else in your life that is in some way new. The Universe is behind you in
your endeavor. Of course, a lot depends upon what your personal year is,
because that will give a completely or slightly different slant on how you
will address this year. For that it would be important to look at your
birth date.


All you need do is add up the numbers of the month, day and year you were
born. For example, July 4,1990 = 7+ 4 + 1990, then add together all of
those numbers: 30 and again add  those until you get a single digit number:

in this example, 3. If your double digit is a double number such as 11, 22, or

33, then leave it at that. These are master numbers, i.e., not only a single
digit meaning (2, 4, 6) but also an overarching meaning beyond that.


You can find out the meanings of each number either through a book on
Numerology or by consulting with a numerologist. The latter can give you a
much more in-depth interpretation of your birth chart and the meanings of
your birth name and any legal name change you have done over the years.
Like most everything else in life, there are different interpretations in
numerology. The end result may be pretty much the same, regardless.


For now, though, let’s continue with what your new year might be like. If
your personal year isn’t in exact link with the universal new year “1”, you
will need to take into account both numerological circumstances. The
example above is a “3”. That means a focus on public performance, being at
ease in the public eye, creativity and enjoying personal relationships. The
universal year of “1” would help you set out on some new endeavor within
those focuses. If you are reluctant or afraid to take action that is indeed
part of your life path, you will find the negative side of both “1” and
“3” giving you resistance in life. The negative side of “1” is to reject
anything new and stay with the status quo, i.e., crystalize all of the old
stuff in your life and karmic circumstances. The negative side of “3” is to
gossip and want to be in the public eye even if not prepared.


Some people like to add their personal number to the universal number to
give a more fine-tuned interpretation of their year. In this example it
would be a “4”. If you take action, you use your easy communication skills,
enjoyment of being in the public eye, and creativity in some aspect of your
work or as your work. You could enjoy your work and also help others enjoy
theirs.  If you resist, you may find yourself becoming gossipy, speaking
disparagingly of others, or preferring to chat a lot instead of doing your
work well.


Obviously, there are people of all different life path numbers. Others'
resistance to your path will occur whether you yourself are acting
positively or negatively with your life-path traits. It's only natural. A
metaphor of this is the musical field. Musical pieces are made up of a
constant interplay of dissonance and harmony; they interact often and
easily with each other. Just as musicians listen to how their part fits
into the whole, so must each of us listen to each other and our spiritual
guidance in life.  It also takes the realization that both harmony and
disharmony are a natural part of life itself.


Enjoy your personal year, everyone!

Blessings!  Maryphyllis


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