Spirituality Podcast

"Ponderings Over Tea

with Maryphyllis and Anneli"

What is living a spiritually rich life?  Anneli and I ponder over the age-old questions of life and spirit and what a spiritual human being might be like. These are true, spirited conversations between two friends here in North Carolina.  They are not rehearsed, only lightly edited and mirror enthusiastic thoughts and opinions of that particular day.  Perhaps what we talk of will spur you to think even further on each of the topics…and to engage friends in such discussions also.


Anneli Leander and I invite you to join us as we ponder these topics over a cup of tea.  There's a new topic approximately every 2 weeks. Current Topic: Reincarnation.  Previous Topic: Karma and the Akasic Records.  Numerous topics are listed on our website (see link below).  Early topics are found in all world religions.  More recent topics delve into the mystical realms.  We are now presenting psychic and metaphysical  subjects.


If you wish us to talk about specific topics, please contact me directly through the contact link in the sidebar of this page. 


On iTunes, log into your subscription and locate us by typing  "Ponderings Over Tea."     Or go to our website free: www.ponderingsovertea.com

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E-mail: maryphyllis@soulshaman.com


Private sessions are in person in Pittsboro, NC, or by phone or by Skype.

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