Reconnection® is based on both channeled information and the work of J.Hurtak’s “The Keys of Enoch®.” The premise is that our spiritual DNA/ etheric web/ body meridians were originally connected to the grid lines of the planet and the universe. They got disconnected over eons. (An acupuncturist told me that she’s known for years that humanity’s meridians have been disconnected from the meridians of the planet!) In Reconnection®, new axia-tonal lines are brought in to reactivate these grid lines; the process raises our vibratory level and this higher vibration is permanently sustained.  This work is a form of channeling (click on channeling).  This is not therapy.  It is like a spiritual initiation and is a restoration of the original grid lines.


Scheduling With Maryphyllis

Reconnection® must be done in person.  With me, that's here in Pittsboro, NC, unless I'm in your area to do a series of Reconnection® for your people. It is done in two sessions, 2 or 3 days apart. Each session takes 60-80 minutes. The work is permanent.


People’s Experiences
Each person's experience is unique, some dramatic and some subtle. At these higher sustained frequencies, the ability to do our personal inner work is often easier and more effective. One energy worker found that his healing ability immediately escalated, with clients feeling considerably more healing heat through his hands. Another person used to feel separate from the world regardless if there were people around or not; now she feels like she is always connected to others (though not influenced by their energy) even if she chooses to be on a reclusive retreat for a month or more. Many people have reported an immediate improvement in areas of their lives where there used to be blocks. Some people encountered emotional turmoil that led to releasing major blocks in their lives. Some started seeing their guiding angels. I personally discovered enhanced clairvoyance and clairaudience, at the start; later I became aware of a subtle but profound loss of fear and an increase in faith in Spirit that still remains. 

Here is RK's experience regarding Empathy: "If someone walks into my home and enters into my 'zone' I can tell distinctly their energy and without doubt or confusion as to whether or not it is me I'm feeling. I am then able to transmute what I feel entering into my zone as well as protect myself. This is a tremendous blessing, especially having the clarity of distinction and no doubt as to the origin of things. I am incredibly empathic. It's exhausting when there is uncertainty as to where I leave off and others pick up. That uncertainty is next to nil now since Reconnection which is a rich answer to my heart's cry in this particular area." 

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Private sessions are in person in Pittsboro, NC, or by phone or by Skype.

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