Deep Aura Cleansing & Depossession

On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" (or other name of the Creator of all creation), Spirit Helpers, Power Animals, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.


Deep Aura Cleansing energetically removes anything that dampens or blocks your energy so that you can more fully be who you innately are. Archangels Michael, Raphael, and other High Spiritual beings use every facet of healing and spiritual growth work that I offer, as needed for your healing and growth.  They also shield your aura or teach you how to do so. Benefits of Aura Cleansing: Uplifted mood, more energy, clearer thinking, less inner conflict, greater control over your emotions and behavior.  Sessions are 1-2 hours.


Compassionate Depossession, Betsy Bergstrom's adaptation of Edith Fiore's  work, involves the removal of discarnates and low level demons only. Takes about 2 hours. For removal of higher dark influences, repairing and healing chakras, repairing the aura, it is better to request a Deep Aura Cleansing.


Symptoms of needing this work include:
Constant fatigue; Out-of-control temper; Compulsion to do or say something unwanted; Fears, phobias, panic attack or anxiety attack; Nightmares or night terrors; Concentration problems;  Pervasive bad luck; Feeling an uncomfortable invisible presence around or inside you; Feeling an energy drain; Feeling that something is blocking you from being your best self.


Homework for both Aura Cleansing and Depossession

This is crucial for attaining permanent release from unseen spirits and energies.

You must work to heal or resolve your issues.  The archangels often stipulate what it is within you that attracts the dark energies.  Please know: you, a soul, are part of God.  All of us humans tend to take on issues from our experiences in life.  Healing these may be as simple as forgiving others, yourself and events. Some issues were borne of repression and/or trauma.  Be gentle with yourself,  but also be diligent to uncover and heal what's needed.  All modalities on this website can help you do that.  


Client Experiences with Aura Cleansing

Many clients report feeling like a weight has been lifted from them, that they can think more clearly, act without resistance, and are more in alignment with their true selves.



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Private sessions are in person in Pittsboro, NC, or by phone or by Skype.

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