Shamanic Healing

Glossary of Shamanic Terminology

On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" & hundreds of other words meaning the same Great Being, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing sessions involve the direct aid of my spirit guides and/or Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and others. This work may involve any of the healing and transformative focuses of shamanic therapy on this page or the entire website. I address the spiritual, psychological and emotional levels that relate to the physical illness.  If that eventually leads to healing the physical, Spirit will help accordingly.  Everything listed on this page, except for Huna and Compassionate Depossession, is a form of channeling (See my article), done the shamanic way.  Sessions vary in length, in accordance with your need or request.
• Extraction healing involves removing the spiritual parasites of illness and the detritus of everyday life.
• Chakra healing involves clearing, realigning, balancing, reconstructing chakras; the latter is particularly helpful in healing kundalini problems, abuse or trauma.
• Healing and soothing energy from Archangel Gabriel.
• Strengthening your Spiritual connection.
• Cleansing your spirit helpers and angels.


 Huna (Hawaiian shamanism) includes the form of prayer, meditation and forgiveness ritual (Ho'oponopono) that I teach as needed. This meditation style is usually limited to 5-minutes a day, yet is powerfully effective in your life.  The prayer style leads to an abundant feeling and attitude toward life, and that in turn leads to manifesting anything that is in accordance with your spiritual goals in life.  The forgiveness ritual is powerfully healing both for yourself and your relationships.  All 3 of these rituals can be learned within one hour, or sprinkled through a shamanic therapy session that includes other forms of work I offer.


Power Animal Retrieval is the shamanic term for retrieving a power source for you (more energy, abundance, healing, pain release, spiritual growth, allay fears, aid in new endeavors).  This great being is actually an angel, whose true form is light.  It merely appears as an animal, to your inner vision, so that you can instantly recognize it and allow it to help you in its unique way. Session of this alone is 30-45 minutes.


Shamanic Hospice can take on various forms of shamanic therapy, to accommodate your needs:
• power animal retrieval to aid any aspect of healing and give you answers to questions.
• if you’re in a coma, I would need to do a shamanic journey to your soul to determine how to help.


Psychopomp is a Greek word that describes the process of ushering a recently deceased person over to the Light (Heaven).  This is free.
After-Death Communications help to bring closure to your relationship with another human or a revered pet. If you are able to do shamanic journeying, your experience is even more profound. 

Sessions vary in length, according to need or request.




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