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On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" & hundreds of other words meaning the same Great Being, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.


The Soul

Shamanically, the soul is viewed as our essence.  It is unique and eternal. At its pristine level, it is composed of love, joy, wonder, spiritual union with the Divine, numerous spiritual traits, and a life-mission unique to it.


Soul Loss
During trauma we tend to leave the body temporarily in order to cope.  If part of  the psyche (soul) decides to split off into spiritual dimensions, we suffer soul loss. It can’t return on its own and it has no emotional nor mental contact with us. 


Soul Loss Symptoms

Missing soul qualities, e.g., joy, decisiveness. Feeling fragmented. Trouble concentrating. Dimmer awareness. Pervasive fears. Amnesia of trauma. Long-term depression or grief. Addictions. Emotionally numb. Co-dependent. Inability to express yourself in areas that used to be easy. Inability to act on thoughts. Repeated traumas of the same kind.


Soul Retrieval

The soul part that went into soul loss stays connected to your spiritual level until such time that Spirit sanctions its return.  That “time” may be after long intensive psychotherapy, after years of devoted meditation, when you seek a soul retrieval, or when you die.


Soul Retrieval Process

With the help of my spirit guides and deep training, I retrieve the soul parts that can best heal what you request, make sure they are purified, and then return them to you.


For more information, obtain my channelled book “Transforming the Soul, Beyond Soul Retrieval.” Click this link for book info & review.


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Glossary of Shamanic Terminology

Necessity of Follow-ups

I agree totally with Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval”,  who lays heavy emphasis on the necessity of followup work.  She says, “The method of soul retrieval is pretty simple. Bridging the ancient practice of soul retrieval into a modern day psychologically sophisticated culture is not."


Ancient tribal vs modern ways: 

In tribal cultures, soul retrievals were given within days of soul loss. Full integration was immediate because dysfunctions didn't have time to develop. In our modern culture, soul loss often lasts for decades. As a result, we have had to adapt to soul loss by adopting dysfunctional beliefs, attitudes and habits. These need healing during integration follow-ups.


3 different Soul Retrieval Styles,

 (1)   Spontaneously, this type of soul retrieval can’t be planned nor asked for, because it is exclusively “in the hands” of any regression process or the Archangels’ knowledge of what will best help you at the time.  Followup may not be needed.
(2)  Power Soul Retrieval.  You can request healing of a specific issue you’ve been working on.  If Spirit says a soul part is completely ready to return to heal that issue, then we will do that. You’ll feel self-empowerment with it as well.  Usually a minimum of one hour of followup.

(3) In-Depth Soul Retrieval.  You can ask for the retrieval of soul parts that directly address your healing needs.  Usually, the soul parts that return are from very early in your life. Often they heal a significant part of your specific issue.

Follow-up:  You need to be in contact with your spirit guides in such a way that you can ask them a question and obtain an answer that's feels deeply true.  If you can’t do that, I can teach you how.  This ability is important for communicating in depth with the soul parts between sessions, enlist the aid of your true spirit guides, and know the truth of all that you perceive inwardly.  There needs to be at least 2 follow-ups: the first is about 1.5 hours, the others vary.































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