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Glossary of Shamanic Terminology

On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" (or other name of the Creator of all creation), Spirit Helpers, Power Animals, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.



Seriousness regarding your spiritual growth and healing can manifest in various ways.  I’m here to help you in any way you see fits your mentoring circumstance. Your needs may require specific modalities that are listed on this website, or periodic short-term work. If you find that numerous of my modalities are "calling" to you, perhaps an on-going framework of mentoring is appropriate.  That can focus on shamanic modalities or spiritual ones.  Please refer to instructions on the shamanic counseling and spiritual counseling pages. 

The treatment path for these is an open-ended program with a pattern and timing you and Spirit choose.  In addition, it is important that you commit to your own healing and spiritual growth. Without that, no amount of outer intervention will work. Your free will is crucial.


PTSD  responds well to the shamanic mentoring style.  If physical remedies are needed to support your healing, you should engage a health practitioner in addition to our work together.  The spacing of sessions needs to be regular.  At first they will be close together.  Later, farther apart.  It all depends upon your healing needs and growth.  Do not expect one or two sessions to heal this.


Cancer Recovery  is a multi-faceted concern and therefore also responds well to a mentoring approach.  In order to achieve full healing, you need aid at all levels: physical, emotional, attitudinal, spiritual.  My work can help you at all of those levels, even at the physical except for medical treatments.  It is advisable to engage a health practitioner in addition to our work together.  From August 18 through October 17, 2017, you can read my article on "Healing from Cancer" in the Health & Healing magazine in the Research Triangle Region of NC.  It will also be on line from August 18th, onward:


Thought Field Therapy  (TFTtm) has instant, long-lasting results in releasing self-sabotage, phobias and other overwhelming emotions.  It leaves intact, rational feelings like right indignation when rage is released, caution when fears and phobias are released, conscience when shame and guilt are released. You can think clearly and calmly even when emotional, when the painful buildups are no longer there.  Depending upon your circumstances, a session can take 15 minutes or up to 45 minutes.

Dr. Roger Callahan's TFT technique is the father of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Both involve gentle tapping on meridian points.  TFT is much more specialized, however, directly treating and releasing any given negative emotion.  The treatment is simple and painless. You don't have to express emotional outbursts as part of it.  I’ve witnessed people releasing decades-long phobias and other emotions quickly and easily, often within minutes. 

Rites: Weddings, Baptisms

We can design ceremonies that fit any religion or non-religion you request.  The ceremony can be at any place you request.  I do ask for travel costs in addition to the ceremony fee.


Shamanic Black Hat Feng Shui

A Feng Shui reading is available in a private counseling/healing session in which Spirit says it's needed in order to strengthen your healing.  In such a case, the clearing and adjustments are done by remote viewing.  Spirit is the one who does the energy changing in your home and on the land.  Spirit is always outside of time and space (whether we work at your home or in my office) and so it is very easy to do remote work effectively. 



















Animal Communications

Telepathic communication with your animal addresses the needs that both you and your animal express.  It will be very important for you to follow through on the recommendations given.  The session can be in their physical presence or by phone/Skype with you.  In the case of the latter, I need their photo ahead of time. Sessions are about 30-45 minutes.  They are best done in person, preferably at my office in Pittsboro, NC.  In some cases, a skype or phone appointment with the animal in view or its photo, can suffice.

Click the green link to read of my book "Whispering With Animals."















































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Private sessions are in person in Pittsboro, NC, or by phone or by Skype.

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