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On this website, "Spirit" is a catch-all term that includes "God" (or other name of the Creator of all creation), Spirit Helpers, Power Animals, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and all other invisible beings of the Highest Light.


Hypnotherapy is an alert, relaxed, dream-like state of mind that you experience on the verge of sleep when you are dreaming yet know you're awake.  In other words, trance.  This trance state allows you to notice what has been there all along, but that you've been unaware of in everyday life.  In Alchemical Hypnotherapy,  you are first introduced to your Spirit Guides or Inner Wisdom. These support you, guide you, help you access deeper wisdom, protect you from seeing more than you can handle, and help you heal the hidden causes of your current problems.  This is spiritual hypnotherapy that is transformative, i.e., why it's called "alchemical".  It can be short-term, if your purpose is a short-term concern.  It is an excellent tool for healing and spiritual growth when used on a long-term or on-going basis. Sessions initially are about 2 hours.  As you acclimate to the process, 1 or 1.5 hour sessions are feasible.

Emotional clearing that also eases pain
Inner child, inner parent, inner mate work helps heal self and relationships
Healing an Inner Saboteur helps heal self-sabotage and karma
Spiritual contract work helps align you with your life mission

Changing habits
Accessing & developing latent talents
Improving motivation, self-esteem, relationships


Past-Life Regression is excellent for:

(1) healing unresolved relationships, trauma, and karmic patterns

(2) accessing latent creative abilities and spiritual qualities.

When you witness a past-life, it opens a door from it to this life and any unresolved conflicts tend to escalate current situations. Healing that life-time is crucial. If you are aware that a current life situation is based on a past-life, that door is already open; that’s why you experience conflict and need healing.  You don’t need to re-experience the pain of that life, for healing to occur.  Healing that life is spirit-engendered, deep and quick.  It brings relief and peace.  The beauties of that life-time can then enhance your current life without interference.  Sessions are about 2 hours.


Quantum Healing Hypnotist Technique (QHHT) is a different name for Past-life Regression.  It was devised by Dolores Cannon because conventional past-life regression methods were unable to reach the depth of induction hers achieved.  (Look at her books on Nostradamus, as a prime example: www.OzarkMt.com)  I use her technique for all past-life regressions except those that are done within a shamanic journey. (See Shamanic Counseling for details.) Sessions are about 2 hours.


Between-Life viewing is for the purpose of bringing to conscious awareness all that you decided to accomplish in this life both in spiritual growth and in service to others.  At times, healing of a past-life must also include healing between-lives.


Pre-Birth Instructions are given to each of us prior to being born.  They often include one brief statement that encompasses your entire life mission.  You can access this as part of the Between-Life viewing, or one of my Spirit Teachers can give you that information in a Shamanic Reading

Session lengths vary.  In a reading, it can take about a half hour.





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Private sessions are in person in Pittsboro, NC, or by phone or by Skype.

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