Client Testimonials

Over-all Testimony

“We’re really glad you’re here and who you are. We thank you for your patience, your support, your listening, your ability to shine your Light, to follow, to hear . . .  TO BE.”   - The Sacred Circle ‘round The Inner Campfire


"Your home and office are so peaceful." - numerous clients.

"This is a sanctuary." - recent client regarding my office.


Multiple Modalities

"Thanks again SO much for all you've done for me.  It still feels so miraculous to feel so calm and stable and clear-headed after Ancestral Lines Clearing and everything else.  Everyday I wake up and am so amazed.  You really can't do anything in your life if you don't have this sense of serenity and most important -- authenticity to your TRUE self and your TRUE path in life.  With all the work we do, I'm feeling better and better." - K.L.


Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Althea said, "My soul retrieval and transformation process was extremely profound in its life-changing effects:  improved self-image, sense of freedom, and enjoyment of life!"


Maia was terrified of speaking up in groups of more than four people.  Here is what she told me several weeks after her soul retrieval:  "I attended a workshop with 14 other herbalists.  During one discussion I objected to others’ views.  I spontaneously got out of my seat, went up to the chalkboard, drew a diagram, turned around to the class and explained my viewpoint on the subject.  I even answered a couple of questions people asked.  When I returned to my seat, the realization kicked in as to what I’d done!  I would never have done that prior to the soul retrieval. But now it felt natural, with absolutely no fear!  Right then, I thanked my returned soul parts for helping me."


Diane said, "The day after my soul retrieval, my soul part made me clean house.  This was a new impulse; I don't like house-cleaning!  But the impulse felt so natural that I went along with it."


S.K. from Raleigh, NC, asked for a soul retrieval to alleviate her ongoing depression.  Nothing she did previously had any effect.  The soul parts retrieved gave her the ability to contact Spirit, in meditation and in life.  In other words, her depression came from Spirit’s sadness that she couldn’t connect with them.  Here are her words: “My soul retrieval was just a first step to my healing path which has branched out in many directions.  I am grateful for your work since I have not had another round of depression since then.  Which is not to say I haven't had a few difficulties!  But, I handle them much better now and generally feel more balanced in most areas of my life. “


A Raleigh, NC, psychic didn’t think she needed a soul retrieval, but wanted to try it anyway.  She was surprised that soul parts actually came in - and that they helped her get beyond a specific kind of shyness she didn’t realize was that much of a problem.


Book Review of "Transforming the Soul, Beyond Soul Retrieval"

by S.K.H., Shamanic Practitioner, Cary, NC   

"Of the few works on soul retrieval, no other credits the integration process with the respect and power as this book.  Through detailed case studies of clients and insights from her own integration, Horn shows with practical application an ancient healing technique in contemporary lives.  This book is a wonderful prescription for restoring and manifesting spiritual power."


 Soul Retrieval Integration
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that journey today and helping me with those children (soul parts) !  I feel wonderful.  How peaceful I feel inside.  Thanks to you and the Spirits!!” - S.H.


Sheyenne couldn’t connect with Spirit nor meditate.  The soul retrieval gave her that connection. After only two integration sessions, she found it easier to meditate.  A month later, she found a more constructive relationship with authority figures!  She knew that too was due to her newly returned soul parts.  This healing has lasted to the present, more than 20 years later!


T.K. from Raleigh, NC, had chronic illness and fatigue for nearly all of her life.  When she finished the first followup she remarked that she felt wonderful.  This feeling continued for most of the week.  After her final integration session, she remarked that she had never felt that good at ANY time in her life!


Karmic Matrix Clearing
From Sanya: "Since my KMC I feel more energy, more positive self-talk, and positive thoughts.  I feel better and can differentiate what is other people's influence and what is mine.  A friend could perceive a change in me."


Shamanic Healing:
Power Animal Retrieval & Shamanic Hospice
A woman, who was in the last stages of cancer, came to me for a Power Animal Retrieval.  She learned how to shamanic journey and then received a Power Animal Retrieval.  She journeyed to it on an almost daily basis.  After she died, her husband told me that "the Power Animal Retrieval was very powerful and extremely valuable to her pain removal and giving her peace with dying.”


Removal of Others’ Soul Parts from Aura
Grace found that with each soul part she identified and released, came a realization of why she had experienced consistent negative attitudes and abilities in her life.  Those negativities directly related to family members: one who was verbally abusive, another who was negative and controlling, and a sibling who was jealous of her.


Deep Aura Cleansing with the Archangels
“Fear is gone. I feel peace and more connected to nature than I have in a long time. I feel solid, full and grounded instead of feeling empty.  My fire and life force and parts of me I have missed are back yet I feel new, watching birds fly like for the first time.  I am so grateful, the beauty is so incredible again, thank you!  I feel like something is shifting and all is in the works, just trusting the process, being easy.” - T.R.


Soul Readings
“Our session yesterday was such a special experience.  I felt deeply relaxed during and afterward - and still feel that way today.   Some of the things that came up during the session were things I had wondered about, and hearing them from you gave me validation.”  - T. I.


“Thank you so much for reminding me of who I am and am becoming!!!  You have intuited much for me, sometimes you just say things before or after we open space that feel so true. Your wisdom is a blessing I am grateful for.”  -  T.R.


Ancestral Lines Clearing ©
From numerous clients and students: Some said they felt freer and lighter, as if their DNA were changed.  Some said it felt like a gentle wind going through every molecule of their body, clearing away unwanted material. Several could feel the energy traversing their spine or working with their chakras.  Others reported feeling heavy energy releasing, resulting in lightness, freedom, joy. Many reported that after they did this work, their family members, who didn't know anything about the process, exhibited positive changes and became more congenial.


Flora said, "I have a deeper calmness and don’t hold onto psychological pain like I used to.  I feel an internal confidence and see a different life for myself in my future.  I recognize wisdom and understanding for myself and others.  Now I carry a different love that is fueled by patience and acceptance.  I no longer push to make things happen, but recognize they will happen in right timing."


Gina suffered persistent physical abuse as a child and spent decades healing that.  At our ALC workshop here in Pittsboro, NC, her High Self told her to address the attitude involved in abuse.  She received massive waves of release and relief when Spirit healed both sides of her family.  Ten days later she called to tell me about "a very distant cousin, a not-nice-man, a workaholic and abused his family daily.  Since the workshop (which he knew nothing about), he suddenly is no longer a workaholic and is a gentle, kindly grandfather.  No more abusive behavior!" My response to this astounding news was that “this channeled information from Spirit works.  And Gina, your ability to call in Spirit to help is powerful. Furthermore, your cousin must have been a workaholic in order to keep away from his family as long as possible; that’s because he couldn’t help being abusive the moment he came home.  And more astoundingly, he must have been praying hard, to be released from that behavior, because he accepted it all when Spirit offered the healing to him from the work you did, Gina.”


Past-life Regression
A woman came for a past-life regression in order to learn from previous lives what she had experienced - in the same career as she has in this life.  Throughout the 2-hour session, she repeatedly left trance briefly in order to draw diagrams and write about aspects of those lives she accessed. An accomplished meditator with many years of inner work experience, she had no problem slipping back into trance again, to access other lives.  She said the insights she gained from this regression broadly expanded her ability to help her current life clients much more fully.   (For this regression I used aspects from Spiritual Hypnotherapy School.)


A 20-year-old man came to me for healing of pain in several specific places in his back, along with fear of crowds.  He had experienced that throughout his life, tried all kinds of medical and psychological help, and nothing worked.  He wanted a past-life regression.  After a 1.5 hour session, he sat up and proclaimed, “It’s gone!” The past-life event that healed him involved the death scene of being knifed in the back.  More than that, he also got valuable understanding and healing from his Highest Spirit.  And still more, he saw and got healed from his Between-Life experience that connected him to this life.  Several years later, he reported that "the pain and fear of crowds has not returned. I'm totally healed of it.”  (For this regression I used aspects from Dolores Cannon's QHHT study as well as the healing methods in Metaphysical Seminary and Spiritual Hypnotherapy School.)


Workshops In Pittsboro, NC
Shamanic Soul Retrieval

”Maryphyllis, I’ve taken several Soul Retrieval workshops and seminars nationwide from various people.  Yours, though, was the best of all of them.  The way you had us bring in spirit help for each facet of the work makes it easy and safe for me and for the people I work with.  You also model what you teach, modeling with authenticity, ease and spontaneous reaction to the situation."  LJH


Numerous Shamanic Workshops

”Wow, thank you Maryphyllis! I'm overjoyed by what you've shared.  It has been an honor and  I feel very blessed to be under your tutelage for these years and expand as a being having a human experience." - A.W.


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